Business Moves & Relocations

Business moves can be a daunting task!

Moving workplace premises is a major undertaking for any company. If you’re planning a business or office move... be sure to use a partner you can trust!.

It’s not just about having the manpower to move desks, filing cabinets and crates - a change of workplace or office can be a time consuming and complicated process involving many people at different stages and for different reasons.

Whether it is an office, library or shop, it is a very complex logistical exercise which demands the involvement of an experienced commercial mover.

Planning your move

The difference between a badly planned move and a smooth move is quite literally down to the expert planning, however small or large your relocation is.

You will need a partnership with a commercial mover who you can trust and who completely understands your needs, a partner who will help carry out all the meticulous planning to ensure that the move goes exactly to plan, on time and within budget.

Your commercial moving partner should be involved right from the start - the earlier the better!

Go for a ‘smooth move’ with Oak Business Services!

When you instruct Oak Business Services as your relocation partner, we will carry out a full survey, liaise with the facilities manager and produce a full move schedule.

Planning will also recognise any potential problems which can then be rectified prior to the actual physical aspect of the move which Oak will carry out exactly as planned and to your complete satisfaction.

If you’re planning an office move... be sure to use a partner you can trust!